Fiction by Kathryn Kelly

Each issue contains one full novel, four short stories, a flash fiction story, and a serial novel chapter.

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Kelly’s Stories

Number One

september 2019


Falling Through to Forever

While a hurricane churns in the waters of Charleston Harbor, Gabriella Cooper perches on the slippery stone rubble of Fort Sumter.

Her wedding dress catching in the buckles of her strappy heels cannot possibly be a good omen.

When something unexpected happens during the storm, Gabriella questions life as she knows it.

A standalone novel that introduces new characters into best-selling author Kathryn Kelly’s Once Upon a Time world of time travel romance.

After the Summer

The summer held so many promises.

But now the Fall semester brings the bright, shiny, and new with it.

Along with it come so many uncertainties.

A standalone clean wholesome romance short short story.

Southerners in Blue

The Civil War had ended, sending soldiers home in swarms.

Abigail Sutton’s sister needed her quickly. Even so, the Sultana traveled too fast.

Abigail knew enough about steamboats to know the captain took a huge risk. Would it be too much?

A standalone story that revolves around characters in the Civil War Southern Belle historical romance series.

For Churning Butter and Companionship

When Charlotte set off on the western trail with little more than her prized horse, she never expected so much dust.

And smoke.

As could be expected, things on the trail didn’t go as planned.

First in a new series. If you like Kathryn Kelly’s Civil War series, follow her into the untamed west.

Shattered Memories

Madison McKivitz sat in an unfamilar town filling out an employment application.

Previous Employment.Her thoughts darted here and there, but landed on nothing. She wrote “various odd jobs.”

How could she look to her future, when she had no memory of her past?

A Rainy Friday Morning

It was a rainy Friday Morning. A perfect morning for sleeping in.

Addison, however, jogged through Central Park dodging mud puddles.

A southern girl, she felt safe in her anonymity.

But who knew what the day would bring?

Serenity C.jpg


Kristen MacGregor chose Serenity, Colorado as a peaceful place to get away from her troubles.

But Serenity may hold dangers not evident to tourists.

Did Mark Jensen know enough about the little community to keep her safe?

Read a new chapter in each issue of Kelly’s Stories.

This issue contains the first chapter. Chapter two will be in the next issue of Kelly’s Stories.